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Why Using Captchas on Site Is a Bad Idea for Your Blog & website?

Why Using Captchas on Site Is a Bad Idea for Your Blog & website?


Why Using Captchas on Site Is a Bad Idea for Your Blog & website?

Captcha is probably the second annoying thing on the web after a popup. Even if you don’t care whether visitors leave your site or not, Captcha still has another side effect that can really hurt you – they kill conversions. ۔ And this is more than just taking you because it pushes you into the pocket.

Spam is bad, but captchas aren’t good either

As the web rocket began to evolve at the end of the last century, so did the spam. Spam has quickly become a nightmare for many websites and webmasters, who desperately need to find a solution to the spam problem. Such a solution was offered immediately and was called CAPTCHA (a fully automated public touring test besides Tel IT and Humans). Captcha’s job was to stop spam bots from doing their job.

As it turned out very soon, spambots (and their creators) are not fooled, and they quickly made their way to the out-of-the-box Captcha. However, Captcha still manages to filter out any kind of garbage a website receives, which is why they still run their business.

However, it comes at a cost. Not only does CAPTCHA prevent spam bots, but it also stops legitimate human visitors. What’s worse is that Captcha not only stops people but also locates engine bots. If you have content that is only available after typing the captcha correctly, it is quite obvious that this content is accessible to search engine spiders, if they can, Won’t bother to fill the captcha? They just go to the next page which is more inviting.

At worst, captchas are the most annoying when they are not implemented correctly, resulting in data loss. Consider the case when your captcha is unreadable and / or when the captcha is filled in incorrectly, all the data on the form is erased and the wrong user has to start from scratch. What do you think – for example, how many of you would bother to fill out a form just to buy something?

Damaged conversions of captcha:-

Captcha is bad from a user-friendly perspective, and as already mentioned, they are bad for SEO if search engine spiders refrain from setting pages behind CAPTCHA. However, there are real disadvantages when considering conversions. Captcha easily eliminates conversions, and this is probably the biggest disadvantage when it comes to SEO.

Lost conversions don’t mean more than spam. Spam can be annoying, but it doesn’t hit your business like a lack of conversions. The results vary from place to place, but when CAPTCHA is in place, this can reduce conversions in a big way. For example, having a captcha in a newsletter signup form can reduce your users by half because many users don’t even bother to try their captcha luck. If you have a captcha on a shopping website, it can save you from fake orders, but the number of frustrated users will be much greater.

Basically, the harder and unreadable Captcha is, the higher the drop in conversions. If you do not think so, you can experiment with different grips on your site and note the results.

The standard captcha that requires letters to fill in letters and numbers is the most acceptable of all, but they are still quite difficult. Audio and video patches are a real killer because they require up to a minute for users to hear or see and fill them. This is why it is hardly surprising that audio and video screws are the ones that most shun.

Captcha options:-

No matter how much technology is developing, the exact options of the captcha are yet to be seen. This does not mean that you are completely powerless against spam. Here are 3 captcha options that you can try:

Use a less annoying captcha variant. Some of the many captcha variables are more acceptable to users such as variables where the user must solve a simple math problem (such as 3 + 4) and post the result. This captcha variation eliminates the inconveniences that send users the most curse, and if you use simple math problems that all of your users can solve, this may solve the captcha problem. Is.

Get Accent or other third party spam solution. Next, you have to use the special anti-spam solution you have. The choice here is great and your options depend on whether you need a spam filter. Animate is one of the universal spam filters available for multiple platforms, so if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to do it.

Use the honeypot technique. The HoneyPot technique includes a field that is left blank by the user. Thus, it is assumed that humans will not fill the field, only robots that do not understand the instructions. However, the honeycomb technique is anything but foolproof. Missing or visually impaired users can fill the field and smart robots can avoid it. These are the reasons why honeymoon technology is not so popular in practice.

Time to get rid of captcha?

As you can see, captchas are bad, but their options are mostly unresolved. Therefore, the only option you have is to get rid of CAPTCHA. In many cases, this may be your best move? That is if you do not receive junk mail in bulk, but CAPTCHA kills your conversion, there is something else you should do with it. On the other hand, if you find a large amount of spam and captcha for your users? If not so troubling, the answer is obvious -? Drop the captcha. All you need to do is analyze your situation specifically and decide what works for you and what doesn’t.

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