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WordPress and Blogger Which is Better & Why?

WordPress and Blogger


WordPress and Blogger Which is Better & Why?

WordPress and Blogger are the two main platforms for bloggers. Mostly new and old bloggers have used these platforms because these are user-friendly. Blogger is a simple and free service where you can create a new blog and publish your post immediately. Blogger is very user-friendly and very easy to use. On the other hand, WordPress is hard for new users and a full-featured content management system (CMS) for building websites.

wordpress and blogger


WordPress is a full-featured front end user-friendly content management system (CMS) for any type of website. WordPress is open source software you can use it to built websites, blogs, and apps. By using WordPress you can build any type of website and blog.

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Today everyone wants their product to go online. Schools, Universities, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, E-Commerce and any type of business you can build it using WordPress. If you want airline tickets, movie shows or anything you will find every website or blog build with WordPress. WordPress is fully customized. WordPress is a free open-source platform but you will need to choose a hosting plan to host a website on WordPress. You should have a domain and a host and install WordPress on it and set up to live your website.

After installing WordPress you can get a dashboard of your website and you will control your website from WordPress dashboard.

WordPress and blogger
WordPress Dashboard

In the picture, you can see the WordPress Dashboard it gives you full control of your website and you can customize your website as you want. You can install plugins, create posts, customize themes, you can do what you want.

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Blogger is owned by Google and it’s fully simple and very easy to use it. Blogger has two domains and Blogger is a very easy platform to run a blog immediately online and create your first post and publish it.

You need a Gmail id and create your first blog. To create a blog name according to your required named blog will suggest a name for you. Choose blogger theme and customize it, update description, logo and start posting.

Your blog will subdomain of and if you want your custom domain then you can add it in blogger. It has a very easy dashboard and very simple.

Difference between WordPress and Blogger:-

Here are some differences between WordPress and Blogger which show the importance of each other.

It’s bit more hard than bloggerIt’s simple
Need hosting planNo need any hosting
Unlimited options to customize the blogVery limited options to customize

Now you can choose the best platform for your website ( WordPress | Recommended). I hope you choose best source for your website or blog.

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